Saturday, November 10, 2012

what went........

because of what went
with the sun
as it set
eyes which met a horizon so murky and watered
blinking eagerly and weeping on the stormy, emotional doorstep....along with despair
and closed the same

as on, this glare, of yesterday

i dragged so hard but could not peel us back

I told all,

Walk on and begin anew....

and let us lighten the...


the one that left us wrath....something to, not confide in..

or is...... that the right..........lost  thought

we just begin start....

at this open...line...

why do we have to try, to love...

why do we have to die, to love....

Saturday, November 3, 2012

sins which remain...

what you cant throw away
i love in people, it 
laughs at the world
genuflect with bent knees
lifeless, conscious and steadfast in worship....such slave
alone with your night
something about me rises up..
calls my sin in will not define me..

Friday, July 20, 2012

late and lost...

the love of the sand talks up through me 
soggy, sad hands
the big eye that stares at me, from sky
works my bones, exposes my lies
done with the loves i so hang on...the ones lost
i tip my hat to them for what accomplishments they have made
they've made me...
the one i am....broken, reborn, retread, left for dead....

i would rather leave
i saw the cupped sleeves....much less and wanting...just grasping at straws for the day...
i knew them once then...

break your tongue...tear the sky or earth open
what else or ever you sang on just rebury our home.............
you took me..the distance...unsaid..unworked....dug deep and falling within my words...
flatlined, my heart breaks hold...

Monday, July 16, 2012

our notes...

you bend my notes
they waltz into our next song
i talk in tone, i walk with letters, left alone
left to love
left for life
bring your speak to me
converse in rhythm... mixed along...
one word seems the same
thoughts create and remain
the looks we share,
stare much different
I stalk my ground and branch to you...
why........are you there........
the left of me cares for most of you..

Sunday, July 1, 2012


the warm streets curve

rarely to stare towards detour

conditioned patterns paint us

forging the rest and building up....upon.....blind plans...

waving steps 

on and beyond

big directed sense of direction

a mirror of words worth longing...for....

something such as love, belief, and what never met you in person.....

troubled with talking to walls


listening to halls...where spirits remain.......

burdened by the stain

reign all emotions in....

a sincere wish granted

for the earth to breath at

leave seeds to bleed, work the dirt to grow, bury will come to us

Friday, June 22, 2012


i waltz, step and step and my thoughts talk back...
to you
the words 
that dance we do juggles crooked looks 
stepping them aside
walking in haze, staring with gaze, laughing off at the rest of the world, blind to its reaction
just lost but hoping to be strong in daring eyes
leaving a key at a weathered and withdrawn door mat

i will suck it down but my eyes just want to watch the tale unfold
marry lies or curse the reverse
me and we can begin....kick me back and I will stare at you most......forward..
watching this angel which has become dark....she's so haunting against me

her wings slice every bit but bring a sickened sun to my breath....
lofting across what is left, unforgiving, forked tongues spent from her lips, stark in death
cheer a love which lost its broadcast...paint more than skies let us uncover
we walk today and just bury every bit of our souls
into the time burned and broken up by the big lies...
where we sit...........

regain new lines...............

Sunday, April 22, 2012

she sings...

the one time that this paper felt flat
the pen scoring with dying ink
a sign that i should set and rest

ive watched...
sky lifts yet no clouds form...
gaze, love, fall
hands escape or just grasp out of reach

ive turned my head and blinked

hoping for something opening to....

the other side of your big look talks to me and i watch

letters fell like leaves.....letters just wanting us to spell big words

we can couple them into a series of time but its meaning might hover a true history

story or just filler....i see the silence in you and i want all of it...

stillness is the beginning to settling...

how restful...

she sings...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

bottoming out...

simple days have me in ways
i just talk and look, kind stares... remarks deeper than where the sun sets her head
the walk of my age tends to glare
i never see this during the sun's week but song has sung out
i feel something new and on surface...brave eyes, blinking wide
keep it outside, grasp at clouds
the real big heart that I have writes so many words but Im scared
so much remains idle...
i take both hands and drag my face...
then realize how silly I am....I should just begin to love what earth there is
one that brings my strong...grown up...and meeting me...I should love this

Im walking and talking to all that I love...just holding back a bit
water has all my rhyme and floats the best that I try to send waves so rough.....I'd die for her and really swim out...
currents can have me...this time...where I once turned Im ready...
soak me in and drown my love

the most serious of foolish cries have rained down recently
i see them i accept, despite
its a feeling so far from my hands...a kiss goodbye
so hard to send
so much to kiss across an open palm
but the best goodbyes
which mean it all...
those you have to just break from
the hard line drawn...scratch and score....

the bottom

Saturday, April 7, 2012

drag demons...

drag your demons
drag death out of me and sell it as drug, right back
despite...eyes, just wanting love and brilliant light, vibrant life
send me to sleep
then tongue the dirt from my grave after you bury me
continue...the haunt upon me

i loved time at the time i watched our clocks
now hands seem to stalk, walk, tease, taunt and work against me
left with only a hurried blur of dizzy numbers

whats in me now is a poisoned idea
one where I see you painfully 
through broken glass
hands held out...casting forward towards the each of us
the bloodied words of two faiths...unsure of another's language

dragging across the clash...leaving one hand on each side
left to bleed
where windows were once open
nothing to shut
scars rip down us
into nothing....closure has her grip on it

scooping soil soaked in victim's blood...whatever they were left with
the aftermath feeds your addiction
one of hurting and wandering through the dead lands
graveyards of the souls you've broken

if I were to walk again
I'd never step foot across the tears
my map has left its path....
the one you know of

Friday, March 30, 2012

one chair...

the life of this chair....

housing the floor with four legs and one seat above

there is nothing across or aside...this space remains filled with wanting stare

level with table, level with air

even with time

uneven with lines

the ones a mind will draw when stories are looking for a second teller

sit and glare

the window bares broken pains

much further than you

drawing shades and changing watts wont shed light on what's missing

one chair, stamped, posted, rarely more than scraped back and forth 

from that level air...its neighbored and crippled floor

one look across the love with no one else

your eyes are starting to carry this balance

one, so oddly embraced by unbalance...

of barely one and so not two...accepting a love so unevenly believed in...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

stars to speak to...

i saw this love, blinking across your stars
you shook me
i jumped
landed as i could
made a fool of my feet which broke my life in new ground
i stuck my head up and sent my tongue
it talked the same way...possibly vein..

I loved for you and Im dealing out the poems your lips spoke...and

tell us...pour,and have a love for me...........i miss it, your thoughts, a grace, a certain brink, 
lets breath, together

I saw you yesterday...........

and my weary eyes broke from trees, like leaves, which dropped and felt.......a leaving....

like i cried in your eyes....

there was such a hum when the back of your head
spent a paired, final blink with mine
this one..or two, off timed...the rhythm loved less
this closure
folding on me

I glanced above and blinked for rhyme...
blue skied pavement, flat and lacking cadence met
the words I had hoped to skip and dance to
you, the breeze which filled new life...had gone...
ironically...bringing a death....across each step that I waltzed so loss...feeble feet tend to send such messages....

Friday, February 3, 2012

a love lost...

don't tell me

don't bleed and cry

my fate is spent within your hands

i fell and broke

talk me into your words

glance at me, spend me, work me off

i loved at one point

but trees tipped

torn limbs from life

losing loves for longing

this gripped and held your voice in my hand

i have this thing for you

melody and touch

where it comes from, the sky knows

my breath breathes for you... i dive deep and through

carry us, with my please

done, and in a rush

those eyes, lips, i talk to all that they tell

dip dive land, crush me into the sand

where all of the world soaks existence...

it's here, and aware...

a love lost

Sunday, January 1, 2012


the big and telling sky was on watch as its tale told my floating step....
i walked as best with silent, 
feet repeat, sound, so each, so one, so meaning
crack earth, sound sirens from sea, it told me 
no loose stones un-said, I told you so
sun said, son......have me and have faith in this loving shine
rivers with flow, stalk the sideline and work their bend, steered to believe
rocked, walled,  a cradle of disbelief...
teary are the rains...I see them and open my mouth for capture...
they love my become, and Ive starved for theirs.......