Friday, May 27, 2011

i bleed from above and scream from below, an angles no mercy for feet with no hold...I reach from a crooked limb and clinch this fist...sweeping for surrender, surely I'll miss..

its fabulous, that you find me fictitious....a figure famous, for a day and nothing more...a short last.....I'll, die like the past, and watch our words gather into history, a story worth not..

meanwhile.....settle me, into this earth....

soak my bones with wet soil, melt my skin, take these memories and see me thin...

Saturday, May 21, 2011

set sail

the ship swayed, away from dock...drawing sword, to strike guide to navigate.....her maiden voyage...she was pushed, puffed, and lastly......sent away. maps and compass readings bled data but each touch-point refused to expose destination.....forever at sea? forever at me? The internal and external questions were draping across an uncertain horizon. Is there no island miles and miles away, or will the sway continue to tear me message, approached delivery....from a hand, open to a falling sky....floating through this life has brought me to a decision, think or be on the brink...the times Ive stood with an uneven keel have brought me to some form of way of a bold flattened heel from which I manage to plant down. I see a place to place the weight sometimes but I fight the fight of a feeling which gives to giving in......if I give though....what might give back? at this pace, and place, I can dive with, I just need to face.

Monday, May 16, 2011

scratching my soul at river's edge

as I face this winding river, staring into it's rippled glaze, every bit of her sat atop the surface...a surface wrought with a feeble, creaking, and uncertain docking, that brought my feet to a shake.....they yearned to leap, yet managed to hold fast...while she projected, her face, in front.

an image, shot forth, from a wide angle lens, with clarity and re-shot memories.....both painful and slightly forgotten, but this engaged me.....the memories caused me to draw with sudden pause.....a scratching faded, softened...and simply stopped....the memory behind it's swipe started to take hold. I now know that my vision of her has changed, and behind my eyes, I have an embedded desire to review her complete soul in it's entirety.

A lost soul walks in patterns....patterns and paths, crossed with crossroads and switched with switchbacks that transition into...redundant beginnings and endings. Their beginning seems to blend with an end....people with this capacity, can feel pain, happiness, and desire....more than the common, to understand this, is foremost....a quest to make me whole....