Saturday, January 22, 2011

wishing through windows

i left life in the moment i wished i were someone else

someone else, who would stop wishing through windows, watching for eyes to stare into, yearning for a glimpse of something beautiful behind

someone without memories littered with loss, from messengers that dropped packages of painful emotions into their life with one simple toss

i managed to open everything as it arrived at my door, with open heart and passion...hoping for happiness inside, but as the paper tore...I saw its metaphor...and beneath the protective filler was emptiness greater than before

a water damaged wood frame, splitting open, gradually, like a heart unable to handle its pain, creating a channel allowing drops to trickle inside...but this rain, diluted with salt drowns my wishes and brings a halt.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

for the lack of....

the still night has its lost, lonely, and within..

before a hand can pinch the knife and send its message....i watch the sky as it sends me..away..from
a spot and place.....forever be gone and forever replaced...

nothing means anything....any more....i simply sit, breath, and absorb the always present.....the static floor.......