Sunday, April 22, 2012

she sings...

the one time that this paper felt flat
the pen scoring with dying ink
a sign that i should set and rest

ive watched...
sky lifts yet no clouds form...
gaze, love, fall
hands escape or just grasp out of reach

ive turned my head and blinked

hoping for something opening to....

the other side of your big look talks to me and i watch

letters fell like leaves.....letters just wanting us to spell big words

we can couple them into a series of time but its meaning might hover a true history

story or just filler....i see the silence in you and i want all of it...

stillness is the beginning to settling...

how restful...

she sings...

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

bottoming out...

simple days have me in ways
i just talk and look, kind stares... remarks deeper than where the sun sets her head
the walk of my age tends to glare
i never see this during the sun's week but song has sung out
i feel something new and on surface...brave eyes, blinking wide
keep it outside, grasp at clouds
the real big heart that I have writes so many words but Im scared
so much remains idle...
i take both hands and drag my face...
then realize how silly I am....I should just begin to love what earth there is
one that brings my strong...grown up...and meeting me...I should love this

Im walking and talking to all that I love...just holding back a bit
water has all my rhyme and floats the best that I try to send waves so rough.....I'd die for her and really swim out...
currents can have me...this time...where I once turned Im ready...
soak me in and drown my love

the most serious of foolish cries have rained down recently
i see them i accept, despite
its a feeling so far from my hands...a kiss goodbye
so hard to send
so much to kiss across an open palm
but the best goodbyes
which mean it all...
those you have to just break from
the hard line drawn...scratch and score....

the bottom

Saturday, April 7, 2012

drag demons...

drag your demons
drag death out of me and sell it as drug, right back
despite...eyes, just wanting love and brilliant light, vibrant life
send me to sleep
then tongue the dirt from my grave after you bury me
continue...the haunt upon me

i loved time at the time i watched our clocks
now hands seem to stalk, walk, tease, taunt and work against me
left with only a hurried blur of dizzy numbers

whats in me now is a poisoned idea
one where I see you painfully 
through broken glass
hands held out...casting forward towards the each of us
the bloodied words of two faiths...unsure of another's language

dragging across the clash...leaving one hand on each side
left to bleed
where windows were once open
nothing to shut
scars rip down us
into nothing....closure has her grip on it

scooping soil soaked in victim's blood...whatever they were left with
the aftermath feeds your addiction
one of hurting and wandering through the dead lands
graveyards of the souls you've broken

if I were to walk again
I'd never step foot across the tears
my map has left its path....
the one you know of