Friday, June 22, 2012


i waltz, step and step and my thoughts talk back...
to you
the words 
that dance we do juggles crooked looks 
stepping them aside
walking in haze, staring with gaze, laughing off at the rest of the world, blind to its reaction
just lost but hoping to be strong in daring eyes
leaving a key at a weathered and withdrawn door mat

i will suck it down but my eyes just want to watch the tale unfold
marry lies or curse the reverse
me and we can begin....kick me back and I will stare at you most......forward..
watching this angel which has become dark....she's so haunting against me

her wings slice every bit but bring a sickened sun to my breath....
lofting across what is left, unforgiving, forked tongues spent from her lips, stark in death
cheer a love which lost its broadcast...paint more than skies let us uncover
we walk today and just bury every bit of our souls
into the time burned and broken up by the big lies...
where we sit...........

regain new lines...............