Thursday, October 6, 2011


the walls watch my every touch into reality, they dictate to me and grant as my wisher....nothing more than a floating kiss...

i scarcely focus, through the un-wanting windows....spaced along curtains that cast a veil of forced resistance

they owe me a glimpse, yet shutter themselves shut for reason unknown

ive cast off the ones that love me for fear of failing them

perhaps the wisdom of these windows that shun, have begun, to break, just glimpse, my lack of understanding or confidence in the one person ive been searching

climbing mountains inside and digging a grave at each landmark...have i been grave along this path?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

send off.....

bury ourselves in this world then covet its breath
i fail the strength in me......then carry the rest
its all beside tumbling weeds, terrified with life......i work through the walls......
i grin back at messengers....
my work has yet to be done......and every bit of her is fun..
steer clear of the angles...branch off from the digs inside of me
i tip toe through...

dying man...

the dying man arrives with shattered stepping stones
feet feel loose and lonely
walking away from hurt and pain paints a path
dig it
re-balance the ground beneath....stone, earth saturated emotions....buried deep
a plant can no longer grow....where depths of sorrow were sewn
each glance towards unforgiving skies tilt and twist vision....its time to look down...again, and break the same ground
build a garden of love for yourself when nothing more exits...seeds need to see you extend towards light, whether you want or like it....dying man....please live again....

Saturday, October 1, 2011


ebb and flow within my own internal rhythm, floating forward, into you

a shore that sends nothing more than signatures, scored softly and casual

step away with the wind and hold a wanting hand out to beckons.......

messages with intention.....a lofty push off and "goodbye" float and spin me around, bottle my wishes and cast them away

i dive deep hoping for floor beneath

a purpose to place my naked feet

this surface of pain broke me and left a bottomless and drowned beach

awaiting, yet lacking sand, lacking life, lacking us...

out of air

i u turn towards an uncharted surface

my saturated energy gives glance at water stirring before batting and blurred eyes

waves above submerge my recordings from days spent as landlubber

those which....stare for direction amidst swells and mist.....