Thursday, May 30, 2013

weathering among my thoughts....

days start so young...yet, then, turn old and about something else
the different air is days wont begin until the dark, old moon escapes its shadows again
turning air against itself and bleeding black along the clouds, the clock ticks its time and something happens in-between....i so wish to know
every bit of the world which I call here and now just draws a glance....working against the start which was in fact, quite young, daring and star driven....such dance...
one of grace, one of of loving...everything above me matters...not a call to god, simply myself....I miss this person...I know I exist...

lost and looking for you...

i loved your eyes each time they just checked into my life
i saw you each time mine opened
you broke my jaw into a drop and where you came from was a look at my heart
i felt love for the beginning of a first time
a disbelief of truth, trust and hope for memories
i talked to you before we even happened
your stories painted down my face
i knew all this about a simple glance