Friday, March 30, 2012

one chair...

the life of this chair....

housing the floor with four legs and one seat above

there is nothing across or aside...this space remains filled with wanting stare

level with table, level with air

even with time

uneven with lines

the ones a mind will draw when stories are looking for a second teller

sit and glare

the window bares broken pains

much further than you

drawing shades and changing watts wont shed light on what's missing

one chair, stamped, posted, rarely more than scraped back and forth 

from that level air...its neighbored and crippled floor

one look across the love with no one else

your eyes are starting to carry this balance

one, so oddly embraced by unbalance...

of barely one and so not two...accepting a love so unevenly believed in...

Saturday, March 17, 2012

stars to speak to...

i saw this love, blinking across your stars
you shook me
i jumped
landed as i could
made a fool of my feet which broke my life in new ground
i stuck my head up and sent my tongue
it talked the same way...possibly vein..

I loved for you and Im dealing out the poems your lips spoke...and

tell us...pour,and have a love for me...........i miss it, your thoughts, a grace, a certain brink, 
lets breath, together

I saw you yesterday...........

and my weary eyes broke from trees, like leaves, which dropped and felt.......a leaving....

like i cried in your eyes....

there was such a hum when the back of your head
spent a paired, final blink with mine
this one..or two, off timed...the rhythm loved less
this closure
folding on me

I glanced above and blinked for rhyme...
blue skied pavement, flat and lacking cadence met
the words I had hoped to skip and dance to
you, the breeze which filled new life...had gone...
ironically...bringing a death....across each step that I waltzed so loss...feeble feet tend to send such messages....