Sunday, June 12, 2016


Walking a hallway, with walls as dark as earth, Tesanto’s eyes bled with rhythm….awaiting each step……so cautiously placed with gentle affair.  This oaken floor cracked, with a thirst to speak.

An intruder was near but the darkness was venom, flooding and drowning any line of sight.

If only a glimpse could draw the moon through taunt windows….a path could open and a cut to the chase. 

Carry the worry of this rhythm in stride…….brave and demanding.
Tesantos buried emotions in this line of thought, this situation, and plodded forward.  

No longer caring about the floor, where boards chattered and spoke uncertainty.
A stir off in in the dining room, a breezing curtain swayed awkward amidst its intended staredown.

Tesantos approached, now an open window, granted with the most, faint street light, enough to squint through but not focus on and understand its blur.

One last step forward and a trembling peel of the wandering drapery….at windows edge…Tesantos saw a shadows wisdom as breath brought a brief glare to the air, its door exposed….

It was a waltz within a room, ending…

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